Transitions can be painful

changeAs we prepare for the 2nd Annual Birth Activist Retreat in July, we see that our focus as birth activists is being pulled in a new direction. “Where’s My Midwife?” has been an incredible platform for us to raise awareness about the issues facing midwives and the families who choose to be attended by them. We have created a tool-kit for folks who are dealing with threats to their midwifery practices, which contains all kinds of useful information about organizing your community, dealing with the media and building your birth community. By the end of June, we will have the tool-kit online and ready to roll.

The tool-kit will also be available at the Birth Activist Collective website, our latest endeavor. You can read more about our newest baby here. Although access to midwifery care is still extremely important to us, we believe that increasing the number of midwives practicing is an impossibility until we address the folks who currently have control of the system. And in order to be effective in changing the climate of maternity care in our country, we feel called to focus on uniting all of the birth activists.

Over the summer, we will be transitioning to the Birth Activist Collective website. “Where’s My Midwife?” will remain as a resource and will continue to work locally to assist NCFOM. Anna and I will also continue to be available as consultants on midwifery issues, but we ask you to join us at our new website as we further develop the work we started at last year’s Birth Activist Retreat.  So, go ‘like’ our page on Facebook and find out how you can get involved with the Birth Revolution!


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