Second Annual Birth Activist Retreat

Why is the US ranked 50th in the world in maternal mortality and 37th in infant mortality?  Why are one third of pregnancies ending in major surgery?  If you are reading this blog post, you are very likely on the front lines, working to improve the way women give birth in your community as a doula or childbirth educator or nurse or midwife.  You may even see women being mistreated or disrespected and feel powerless to do something to stop it.  If you feel like we do, that the time for talk is over, that it is time for a full scale birth revolution, join us in Utah at the Second Annual Birth Activist Retreat Friday, July 26 – Sunday, July 28.  We need action now!

Last year, 75 folks from 29 states and 2 countries gathered at the Farm in Tennessee to get organized.  We heard from folks who had actively engaged the ‘system’  in their own communities and affected change.  We formed working groups and connected with other folks who were passionate about transforming maternity care in this country.  This year’s retreat will continue the work we started last year.

The Birth Activist Retreat is not your typical conference where folks sit around passively consuming information.  We will be working as a group planning actions that will make a difference:  Nationally coordinated events, such as the Rally to Improve Birth; local events that can transform communities; and individual actions that will raise awareness about the challenges we face. There will be workshops where Birth Activists can build the skills they need to make a difference. There will be many opportunities to network with other activists, share inspiring ideas and receive feedback on the unique issues facing your community.

Join Suzanne Arms, Karen Brody, Dawn Thompson, Michal Klau-Stevens, and other birth activists from all over the country who are working everyday to make birth better.  Together we have the power to transform maternity care!  Space is limited register now!


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