Anna is Pregnant – Episode 2, Midwifery Magic

Erica_pic2I have been having practice contractions forever, at least my whole last trimester. As my guess date approaches– tomorrow!– they have been increasing in intensity and frequency. I have even had a few that have made me think, “humm, will tonight be the night!?” Last night seemed to be one of those nights, so I called my dear midwife in the early evening just to give her an update. I knew I wasn’t in labor, but the slowly increasing activity seemed worth noting. She replied with an offer to come to my house just to check me.

Now I am someone with a history of shorter labors. My last one was about three hours; and only half of that time was I really sure that it was the real thing. So having someone who is willing to drive all the way to my home in the evening just to give me a bit of extra information and reassurance, is deeply comforting. This is part of the magic of midwifery care. For me this aspect of truly personalized care is what is most important.

Stay tuned my next blog will probably have a baby in it, maybe tonight will be the night!


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