The “Big” Walk-In is Happening Now!

The "Big Walk-In"You may be wondering what is this? Where are people walking and why? The “Big” Walk-In is the first in a campaign of three events sponsored by Improving Birth, The “Big” Walk-In, The “Big” Write-In and The “Big” Call-in. These events are Big because they are happening everywhere at the same time, however they could also be described as small because they are all simple things one person can do without very much time or effort. Thousands of “small” actions are building something “Big”.

Here are the details! The purpose of this event is simple: to raise awareness about evidence-based maternity care. To participate all you need to do is register at Improving Birth, print their friendly letter and evidence-based care fact sheet, and take them to the maternity-care provider of your choice. This could be the OB office who cared for you throughout your pregnancy or just the maternity-care office closest to your house. You could simply deliver the letter and information about evidence-based care or you could also include a personalized thank you note and a box of chocolates. You could go quietly on your lunch break or you could invite all your friends and deliver a whole bunch of letters at once. Whatever you choose, you are participating in something “Big”.

One letter may or may not make much difference, but if one practice were to receive ten letters they would pause and think. If they receive one hundred letters they will see that there is a demand for change. In addition to the positive effect your letter may have, you will have the satisfaction that comes with speaking out for the rights of mom’s and babies in your community. Are you ready to walk in?


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