Get it done!

Soooooooo, yeah. . .our friends at the NC Medical Society have stopped returning phone calls and are not responding to e-mail.  Apparently, one meeting was enough for them.  I keep thinking about an exchange with Haywood Brown at our last meeting.  We said, “If you don’t want to license CPMs, what is your plan for helping to make home birth safe for the families who chose it?”  He replied, “Go to the hospital.”  Uh, you’re not getting it.  Families will continue to chose home birth (and they are doing so in increasing numbers), lets license the women who are already serving our state and integrate them into the health care system.  It’s working all over the country, it can work here.

I was under the impression that Mr. Brown was in the minority at that meeting.  I felt that the rest of the attendees were genuinely interested in beginning a discussion about how to make home birth safe in our state.  I can see now I was wrong.  This is truly heartbreaking to me.  The physicians in North Carolina have determined that protecting their Scope of Practice is more important than doing what’s right for the consumers they are supposed to be serving.  Which is why we will be demonstrating our disappointment outside of their offices tomorrow in Raleigh!

I sat down this weekend with Lisa Fawcett, CPM and lobbyist for NCFOM.  We had a nice long chat about the history of NCFOM’s efforts to license Certified Professional Midwives in our state.  This is the first installment of “Couch Talk,” with more episodes to follow.  We need everyone now, more than ever, to get this job done.  See y’all in Raleigh!


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