BOLD is turning 5 and Where’s My Midwife? will be a guest of honor at the birthday party!

What is BOLD you ask? BOLD (“Birth” On Labor Day) is a global movement to make maternity care mother-friendly. Folks all over the world sign up to perform a play called “Birth” by Karen Brody over Labor Day weekend.  Ms. Brody conducted hundreds of interviews with women about their birth experiences, and condensed them into seven interwoven monologues that paint a vivid picture of birth in our country.  People all over the world are coming together to laugh and cry, to be entertained and educated, to discuss how to improve maternity care and to raise money for organizations doing the work.

The women in the play could be your best friend, sister, neighbor or coworker and their stories reflect the reality of giving birth today. There is ecstasy, pain, disappointment, rejoicing, and poop!

BOLD has been happening for 5 years and to celebrate they are honoring 5 people or organizations that have made creative contributions to improving childbirth choices for mothers in the last 5 years. Where’s My Midwife? was chosen alongside:

We are very excited and honored to be included in such an amazing group of creative activists! We hope that you will join us in New York City.   Before you list all the reasons why spending Labor Day in NYC is impractical visit:   The play and birthday celebration are being broadcast for free via the internet. All you have to do is sign up. You can even bake a cake and invite all your friends over to watch the play and celebrate with you!


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