Summer Madness and our Anniversary!

After a busy spring of blogging, we have been oddly silent for the past couple of months.  For that, we apologize.  We know you enjoy reading our rambling (some of you even admit it in emails – and muchas gracias for the love!), and we love sharing with you. 

Last spring we went through a bit of a restructuring, and I emerged as the primary blogger.  Little did the rest of the group know, that beneath my exterior of overachieving auditor and mommy of four, I am a slacker.  This summer I have totally failed to share the latest and greatest WMM? news with you.  But while I have been busy eating bonbons and drinking margaritas (oh how I wish!), the rest of the group has been busy.  Some of the things that have gone on since Memorial Day:


So now that we are updated, we are going to work on posting regularly so you can keep up with all our fun and madness – whether you like it or not!

P.S. – It has officially been two years since we found out that our beloved midwives had been fired.  In case you missed it, or want to remember why we are still so fired up, here is our birth story:

“Where’s My Midwife?” from Kirsti Kreutzer on Vimeo.




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