Let’s get it started in here. . .

On Wednesday, WMM? traveled to Salisbury, North Carolina to attend a trial at the Rowan County Courthouse. A midwife has been charged with practicing midwifery without a license, despite the fact that she has been credentialed by a nationally recognized organization to practice midwifery. Her credential, the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is recognized in Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee, so she would not have been arrested in three of our surrounding states. How did we, as a society, get here? We invite you to join us on a journey to answer that question. Our interview with Faith Gibson (due out next week) will be the first in a series of shorts that will attempt to tell the storied history of midwifery.

Also, why are we arresting women who are trying to serve their communities by providing woman-centered care? Why aren’t all midwives outraged by one of their sister midwives being arrested? And why aren’t all women demanding the care that they deserve?

Where’s My Midwife? would like to propose two things:

1) From our perspective as consumers, it seems that the midwives are spending a lot of energy arguing over who is a more qualified midwife. We would love to see all midwives working together to ensure a more woman-centered model of care for everyone. We love that the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services is working to unify the professionals into ‘one voice.’ We need all midwives to come together, and focus on what they have in common (the way that they all place Women in the Center of their care), rather than on what makes them different.

2) We are obviously huge fans of midwives, and we believe that the person with whom you give Birth Matters! We would love to see midwives attending all women who are experiencing normal pregnancies. We would love to see an army of midwives educating women about all of their Choices in Childbirth, so no matter how a woman ultimately has her baby, she will say, “I feel empowered by my care and I believe I truly had My Best Birth.” We are asking all Friends of Midwives to unite and join us in a national grassroots, guerrilla style revolution that will help educate the public about the crisis we face in maternity care. We are planning a BOLD launch in September – a coordinated, simultaneous flashmob on a national scale! And that’s just the beginning of our journey to Free Our Midwives.

Stay tuned for more information. . .if you are part of a consumer organization and you are interested in helping with our little revolution, e-mail us at info@wheresmymidwife.org


6 thoughts on “Let’s get it started in here. . .

  1. I think that is just wrong to prosecute a Traditional Midwife for giving midwifery care to a woman. That happened in MN and the midwife turned around and counter sued for them to define the law and make it clear. Midwives do not “practice medicine”, we give midwifery care.

  2. Great post! I like the links to all of the organizations intertwined in the writing. Neat. Cant wait to see what this flash mob is… Keep up the awesome work.

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