Lights, Camera…MIDWIVES!

A look ahead – 2011 (Part 2)

The next project we would like to discuss involves my two favorite topics – midwives and movies! Over the next year, we will be producing two series of short films about midwives. One series will be short documentaries that cover the very long history of midwives. Our hope is to educate the public about what birth looked like for women throughout the world over time, and how we really have only been having babies in hospitals for the last century. The second series will be comedic educational films beginning with “Midwives Diner,” followed by humorous PSAs (Public Service Announcements) starring a super hero midwife. Here’s where you come in. We need cast members for the “Midwives Diner” shoot, which will be Sunday, Feb. 27 at 7pm, at A Taste of Italy. We still need two ladies to play moms and two gentlemen to play dads. If you’re interested in being an extra in the background, we need those too! To find out more, contact Kirsti Kreutzer at, or call her at 910-447-9654.


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