Witch Hunt

It’s been happening for hundreds of years, but no one has called it what it is…a witch hunt.  When women acquire skills that are threatening to “the establishment” (men, the medical society), they are driven away.  It happened during The Reformation, when women working as healers could easily be turned in and burned at the stake as a witch if a patient wasn’t happy with the outcome of their treatment.  It happened a hundred years ago, when obstetricians needed something to do with their newly acquired skills.  Those men couldn’t possibly have women as their competition, so they launched a nasty campaign against midwives and convinced women that they needed a surgeon to deliver their baby.  It’s happening NOW.  Midwives, although recommended by the World Health Organization, are being treated as though they are inferior to doctors.  In many places, they are forced to have a “Written Practice Agreement”.  This means they must have a doctor who agrees to allow them to practice.  This puts doctors in an excellent position.  They are in complete control of their economic competition.  So if a midwife is doing her job well, and there are lots of happy, healthy mommies and babies, one unhappy doctor can bring that all crashing down.  They can refuse to sign that “Written Practice Agreement” when the contract comes up for renewal; effectively burning the midwife at the stake.  She can no longer do her job.  And the only thing the doctor has to say: “babies are dying”.  No facts to back this statement.  It’s a scare tactic, just like those newspaper ads decades ago.  What do we do, as women?  We listen to them!  We believe them!  We follow blindly like sheep!

I say,” no more!”

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