So, what comes to mind when you hear the word Cornhole?!  Well, if you were like some of us in Where’s My Midwife?, it was not an image you might share a detailed description of while dining with the in-laws.  But, if you were like those of us who are actually up with the trends, you know that Cornhole (also known as Corn Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Baggo, and a host of other choice names) is a fun lawn game that involves tossing bags into holes.  Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a family friendly game.  And a popular one!

So, when we decided to have a little celebration honoring International Day of the Midwife, it was only fitting that we choose a silly game to go along with it, hold a tournament, and call it a fundraiser!  And that’s where the real fun began.

On Saturday May 22nd Where’s My Midwife? hosted the above mentioned Cornhole Tournament along with a cookout and picnic party in Wallace park, and it was grand!  The competitors tossed bags, ate burgers, talked smack, sipped on beers and kept the tournament alive for over 3 hours.  Families came to spread their picnic blankets and eat hot dogs with the kids all while enjoying the perfect weather, face painting and fantastic live music.

When all was said and done, we had 10 teams compete, painted 25 faces, served 100 hamburgers and 150 hotdogs, and raised $600 for our cause!

The money went towards our membership to the American Association of Birth Centers where we are now officially registered as a “Developing Birth Center”!  Our dream is one step closer to being realized.

Thank You again to everyone who came out, played, donated money, celebrated and showed their support.  Hugs to the husbands who hauled things around, cooked food, and cleaned up with us.  Huge appreciation for the two talented musicians who played their hearts out: Mike O’Donnell and Daniel Parrish, and for the wonderful teams who came out and happily threw around bags of corn!

With each event we host we are always moved by the love and support in our community and your warm generous spirits.  We absolutely cannot do this without you.

If you missed the event, don’t worry.  We are holding another next year!  So, if you spend the next 12 months tossing bags into holes, you and a partner could become the next Where’s My Midwife? Cornhole Champions!  (Try explaining that one to your in-laws.)


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