Our First Demonstration

Today’s demonstration in front of the hospital was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out in support of families and our access to midwives! We have the attention of the hospital. We hope to soon have a formal dialogue with the hospital and the obstetrics department about increasing our access to midwifery care.

Despite high temperatures reaching close to 100 degrees and a heat advisory, we had about 100 people show up (mothers, fathers, and children.) Women of all ages came out requesting continued access to midwives for all of their well care needs. We picketed on the side walk in front of the hospital for three hours. Numerous car drivers honked or gave us thumbs up in support. Cars slowed down to read our signs and to observe mothers and fathers holding their babies in carriers or pushing them in strollers. All major local media outlets were also present to report the event.

We will picket every day at the same location at lunch time (12:00pm-1:00pm) until we have a meeting scheduled with the obstetrics department.

Here are a few links in case you missed the reports:


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