What:  A peaceful demonstration in support of our midwives

Where:  Meet in the parking lot of the strip mall (has yellow FOR LEASE sign hanging on it) across the street; if the permit to protest is approved, we will picket in front of the hospital on the sidewalk. If the permit is not in place, we will split up into groups and picket in front of each of the 3 OB pracitces.

When:  Monday, August 10 from 11am to 2pm; we would love to have people for the entire time, but if we could get the largest crowd from 12 to 1, we will probably have the biggest impact because of the lunchtime traffic.

Why:  The hopsital has a rule in place that requires an OB to be on premises when a CNM is laboring with a patient.  We went to the hospital to try to deliver a letter (see attached) to open up a dialogue with the administration on Friday. We are hoping that our demonstration will show the hospital that a midwifery program is important to our community.  Wilmington needs more birth options!

How:  Make a sign with a logo like, “Where’s my midwife?” “More Midwives, Not Less!” “More Birth Options!”  “My family wants their midwife!”  “I want my midwife”  Please do not use any midwive’s names. We want the focus to remain on the mothers who were left without a midwife and the way Carolina handled themselves.  If you don’t have time to make a sign, we will have extras.

Bring what you need to stay comfortable and hydrated in the sun! For more info, visit, or join the “Where’s my midwife?” group on Facebook! Please invite your friends!

See you Monday!


One thought on “Demonstration

  1. I had my third and last child with a midwife 17 years ago. I had not felt that the OB care was catering to my needs enough. My experience was wonderful with a midwife. The delivery was in the hospital which was fine with me. There did have to be an OB doctor at the hospital but I never saw him/her. I wish I had used a midwife for all of my children. A friend of mine delivered breech twins with a midwife. One of the babies had a broken collar bone which is not unusual. They were both fine and no doctor attened, but was available. I guess malpractice lawsuits smight be making midwifery more difficult.

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